Did you know……

Did you know that the Mallard is the most abundant wild duck in the Northern Hemisphere and that the mallard is also the ancestor of almost every breed of domestic duck?  (Book of North American Birds – Readers Digest)

I was out chasing mallards today with camera in hand and I say chasing only because as I got close to taking a photo, they would get their little feathers in a ruffle and walk off!

Easily, 250 – 300 ducks, definitely in great abundance, on the shores of  Kempenfelt Bay on Lake Simcoe at the Barrie, Ontario waterfront.


           Where are you going?



                                                                      Male Mallards…. I really like the tails in this shot!


Feather and Duck tracks

Fallen feather and duck tracks in the snow.


Mallards with Food

                      This duck found some food and they all started chasing him. Eventually he dropped it and another one grabbed it and ran…


    The female….


Mallard bathing



Mallard in Water

                                                                                                         Showing Off!



          All done, time for a nap ……


Mallards in Flight

I hope the photographer at the bottom right got as good a shot as I did!


Thanks for visiting today. The ducks thank you too! 


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