Horses R Us!

One of the benefits and joys of living in the country, is the scenery, the wildlife, and domesticated animals, farm and otherwise.

Lucky for me, these beautiful horses are on the road that we live on.  The type of breed that they are, allows them to be outside all year so it is hard to miss them as you drive by.

I always look at them in passing and sometimes I take a few minutes to stop to take some photos, but mostly to say hello and give them a pat on the nose.  Sometimes they even ignore me!



Coming to check me out….



Enjoy the photos – to see some info, run mouse over bottom of photo.




   The three amigos!


Many thanks to the owners for allowing me to photograph the horses for this blog,

and thank you for stopping by to enjoy them.  See you tomorrow….


4 thoughts on “Horses R Us!

    • No, it was only about -3. The horses wear the blankets to keep the dampness off their coats which are quite thick. Thanks for the comment about the gallery.

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