Summer Fun….

Spring will be coming soon and right behind it comes summer!

One of my favourite places in the area is called Little Lake and on this hot, humid day, I took my granddaughters with me to cool off.  These are some of the photos that came from this delightful time.


 I like the two photos of the girls. Background blur makes a change.


Lily pond

Thousands of lily pads were a huge attraction for them…..


Lily pads

and my camera.


Lily pads

Looking through the clear water to the mud below…..



and photographing lilies as shadows brought lots of giggles!



Shells and pebbles were the other attraction. These if you haven’t already guessed, were under the water. 



I think the bird ate more of our lunch than we did!


Gull in Flight

 I love the way the sun outlined the gull. 


Here’s to summer and all the warm days that come with it! 

Thanks for coming by today. Maybe I will see you tomorrow…..


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