Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

What another great day. The temperatures were high and I was out and about the property taking some photos from above for the Weekly Photo Challenge:  From Above.  

Richard and I walked out to the back of the 23 acres to check out the forest. Once the trees have their leaves then the forest will become darker and the vegetation will start to flourish. 

Spring has definitely arrived in Ontario. The trilliums are just starting to open. They are small but will grow bigger and fuller over the next few weeks.

The tourists and photographers will be soon coming up this way  to drive along the windy back roads for their annual spring trillium tour. If you look carefully, the woods are  just showing  signs of the white and not as common red protected provincial flower of Ontario.

Here are a few of my above shots.

If anyone knows what the cute little clump of curly grass has a name (other than weed),  I would appreciate knowing. These are all over the place on the property and in the bush.

Thanks for coming. Happy Spring!


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

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