Travel Theme: Dance

The other day, the Seniors residence, where my mother is currently in Respite, had the movie Riverdance playing for its afternoon matinee. I could hear the music that I know so well drifting down the hall toward me from the residents theatre as I was leaving.

Now, if there ever was a movie that could catch my attention, it is that one.  You say, what about Star Wars, and many other fine and famous movies? Of course, they were great, but not enough to stop me in my tracks, sit down with the ladies and watch again for the hundredth time (even though I have the video at home sitting on a bookshelf)!

I enjoy the celtic dancing  and for some reason that show still has me hooked.  The handsome Michael Flatley turned the worlds’ attention to the Irish dancing with Riverdance, and I always liked the lovely Jean Butler, his original partner.

The celtic music in the show, including the haunting uilleann pipes and low whistle always play to my musical senses like no other instrument. 

I played fiddle for many set dancing groups over the years and have also danced at various music festivals in Ontario. One summer,  a group of friends and I headed to Cape Breton to St Annes Celtic College for fiddling. We criss crossed the Island that week during the evenings and danced at every dance hall on the island, each packed to the rafters with tourists and locals.

The featured photo is not the greatest and it wasn’t meant to be.  It just shows a group of people who are getting some  great excercise, and those with a common goal of the enjoyment of dance.

So I now close this blog which I will include in the Travel Theme: Dance.

 Thanks for coming by…..


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