The Sun Goes Down on Another Day..

This evening we drove up to Baker Beach to get some sunset pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was definitely on our must do list,in case tomorrow (our last full day) was cloudy. The featured pic is the community of Sea Cliff and the first view of the bridge was taken at Bakers Beach.  The sun was bathing everything in gold. It was really beautiful. image . The next  view of the bridge was from Godfrey Battery in the Presidio. You can see the cars all lit up as they moved across the bridge. . image Fort Point, at the warming hut was site of the last view. The lights of the bridge were on at this point. . image .

It was nice to be able to get to different look out points in the same evening. You can just see the lights on the bridge. My ipad is darkening the photos from the originals. Will redo when I get home.

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