The Fruit Seller….

Saturday is market day, probably all over the world and it is no different in San Francisco.

There was a long line of people waiting to ride the cable car this cold and dreary morning so Richard and I took the F line streetcar and headed out to the Ferry building.

Built in 1898, it was solidly built of brick.  It survived the Great Fire in 1906, with fireboats pumping water from the bay. In the early 3o’s, 50,ooo,ooo people passed through this building each year.

This point of entry was second largest in the world, only to England’s Charing Cross.

There were large crowds…..tourists and local residents. Musicians inside and out, folks lined up waiting for tours.  We unfortunately missed the craft market ….it was only when we got back on the streetcar that we spotted it as we were passing.

One of the things we have learned about this city is that the weather is unique.  You never know just what you are going to get. The temperature floats around the 60 degree mark. If the sun is shining then you can get higher temps in some areas, but….

The winds pick up in the afternoon and even if the sun is out it gets cool but if it is cloudy…it is downright cold!  It is button up weather …and that was what it was today! Even so, everyone is out enjoying themselves.

Thanks for visiting today……


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