CBBH Photo Challenge: I Spy with My Little Eye

East of Malaga has a neat theme this month. I spy with my little eye.

This was perfect timing for me because last Saturday, the photography club that I belong to did a Back Alley Tour and back down main street. 

Now normally I don’t do back alleys for safety reasons but with a group of 15 people, I jumped at the chance. What could happen? 

Within about 15 minutes, one of the younger photographers put one foot onto a private driveway. A man who looked like he just came in after an all night binge, came flying out like a bull terrior at the group and started to rant and rave. Some of the names he used especially on this poor fellow…well, I will leave it at that!

Meanwhile the rest of us became paparazzi for the morning.  Spying around corners into the back of stores and restaurants. Photographing interesting windows, doorways, buildings and whatever can be seen through fences.


Spy 2


I Spy 1


It is amazing how much you can find to photograph in an alley. For me, it turned into a fun couple of hours and…… I got lots of photos. 

Thanks for visiting…..


6 thoughts on “CBBH Photo Challenge: I Spy with My Little Eye

  1. Absolutely! That’s one think about photography, especially when you try to look for things “out of the ordinary”.

    Great entry for this month’s CBBH Photo Challenge – well done!

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