One Costly Photograph!

My car pooped out me last week and so it landed up in our local garage.  The morning I drove the car into the shop, there was some time to wait to get a ride back to the house.

So, I snooped around and found this old truck sitting in an enclosed lot behind the garage.

Truck 3


The story goes like this.  The  original owner passed away leaving the truck in the barn.  His wife  then too passed and the truck was sold with the house. The man that purchased the property it left it in the barn, then died. The family nows wishes to have it refurbished.


Truck 4


Word of mouth can never really be carved in stone but the long shot is that the truck has been sitting for decades in a safe environment. There is no rust. 


Truck 2


And so I had fun taking some pictures of this vintage International, while I was waiting for the owner of the garage to empty my pockets, so to speak! and of course fixing my brakes.


7 thoughts on “One Costly Photograph!

  1. What a beautiful truck indeed! They should have it fixed up but oh, I can just imagine how much gas that beautie is going to use. I just adore antique and old cars but they are a bit heavy on the petrol/gas but they are so beautiful! *sigh*
    Great captures hon! 😀

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