Winter Scenery….

 A pretty lake side park that sits in the center in Midland, Ontario 

It is called Little Lake Park. In the summertime, this is a very popular place to come.  Concerts are held and people come to beach comb, swim, walk with or without a dog, bike, run or jog.  The park has tennis courts, a skate board park and a place for weddings… This is the place to bring a picnic and spend the day fighting off the numerous pigeons that are looking for your treats!

Even the Queen of England has made an appearance here at the lake on one of her Canadian tours!

Now it is winter, and there are still an amazing amount of people down on the beach walking.  Snowmobilers use the ice covered lake as a roadway. You see the odd cross country skier but generally, it is just a great place to drive in, park the car, and people watch!

Little Lake, Ontario

Just in case someone goes through the ice?

Little Lake, Ontario

Stairway to beach.. now with snowtops!

Blue Sky

Blue skies……

Tree in Winter


Little Lake, Ontario


Thanks for coming by to one of my favourite spots. See you tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Winter Scenery….

  1. Hi Barb: I think you have just got my attention taking all those photos…what a great idea. We should all consider taking a photo a day of something that stirs us! Thank you, Pam

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