The Joys of Spring…..

We have finally reached the point where we can start to dream of spring and new beginnings.  There isn’t much growing here yet other than the tulip bulbs just about 2 inches above the ground. They are always the first to grow.

One of the sure signs of spring here are the return of the animals. Deer don’t come during the winter, because the snow gets too deep. So Sunday, we just happened to look out at dinner time and there were 6 deer munching away at whatever they could find up close to the house.  The two cats were darting from window to window checking out the visitors……….

So beautiful to see once again.

Monday afternoon, our groundhog also came out to enjoy the sun, sat for awhile on the stone fence and then sauntered down the side of the house to check out his landscape.



Unfortunately, there is always a but when it comes to nature. With the deer and groundhog, come the wonderful raccoons and the moles.

We also see now that the moles have had a party on the lawn over the last few weeks, hidden under the snow. These lines are all over the back and side yards.

 The raccoons have also dug up half the lawn in the last few nights looking for grubs. It was so discouraging to see…..



There are times that I wouldn’t mind living in the city!   Welcome to another season…….


What are your thoughts?

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