My First Oriole…

This is the first Oriole that I have ever seen and I am quite excited. The feeder was put out last year and as far as we know no oriole ever visited.

This Northern Oriole or typically known as a Baltimore Oriole was seen yesterday at our feeders. He spent the afternoon coming back and forth.  We don’t know whether he was passing through or he is going to be an area resident.

I love the colours on him and and hopefully we will see him again. He at least knows where to find food.

Thanks for visiting…..


6 thoughts on “My First Oriole…

    • We saw it the next day and not since.. It could have been on its way to another location because the birds were just on the return after winter. Thanks for commenting….

  1. I saw one trying to get to the hummingbird feeder so I’ve put out Oriole food but haven’t seem it back. Your experience will help me have patience. Beautiful photo.

    • We saw the bird a couple of times after the first time and then nothing.. It must have been on the move to a different location. We keep on hoping it will come back.

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