Ding, ding goes the trolley….

We have finally arrived at our destination of San Francisco.  Tired, hungry but ready to see the sights..

I have never flown across the United States before and I have to tell you that I was amazed at the views of the land as we passed over the country.  The mountains and desert seemed  to go on forever.  I did’t realize that there was so much unpopulated territory in the Midwest out to the coast.  You know it but until you see it, you don’t really know it.


First view of California…


Anyways, I have decided that I would like to drive it sometime. My U.S bucket is filling!

We are staying right down around Union Square which is the centre of everything. We got out for awhile and got right into all the action.


My first view of the cable cars was exciting!  Richard bought passes for the week which gives us full use of all the transportation, so we are off and running tomorrow.

The architecture is another exciting aspect of this city of hills.  There are so many photos to take…



Off to bed …for an early rise……….Thanks for visiting…..


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