Poetry Prompt 13: Questions Children Ask!

Think outside the box…that is what I keep hearing on WordPress….So, I am writing a poem and linking to –  Because Were Poets.

I don’t write poetry, and for some reason I have not often read poetry. (until recently)  Who can I blame?

But….Wordpress has a way of changing habits….and here I am.

Cheer me on or boo me, I’m tough, but I will have written some poetry…sort of.  No, I won’t quit my day job!…. as they say,  “don’t shoot the messenger”!


Your goal this week is to write a poem based on questions that children ask.  This poem can be any form of your choosing, anything you like!  Even if you don’t have children, try reflecting on the questions your nieces and nephews have asked you, or the questions you have asked when you were a child.


A COLINISM is the term that my son and daughter-in-law uses for the many off the wall questions and statements that their son makes on a daily basis. I hope my DiL is writing them down. She could have her own TV show one day or maybe a Sunday 2 hour special. Colin keeps us all with a smile on our faces. So here goes!

    The house is quiet,

                          the young are asleep,

       The night air is filled

                     with anticipation of

                                                                                                             an approaching storm.




                                                        Go back to sleep…


                                                                                                        I wearily tread down the unlit hallway,

                                             What is the matter? I say to my son,

                                                     I can’t sleep he replies…….

                      Close your eyes and try.



                                                                                                Why does God keep turning the lights on and off?

                                               He is keeping me awake!  

How can you not smile?…Thanks for visiting…..


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