Thursday Lingering Look at Louis Vuitton

I am the ultimate window shopper. Much safer and less expensive. It is so much fun to look for unique  windows to photograph that when I came across these ones – it was pure delight! The store, Louis Vuitton, on Union Square in San Francisco. 


Window SF 2


The windows had a base colour and then were back lit making it easy to take photos.  The design is brilliant and really caught my attention. Enough that I had to go back a second time to see them once more.


Window SF 3


You can see that these are windows because I had trouble getting one of the photos without a reflection. Now I am glad of this one, because it shows that it is a window.


Window SF 5


By now  you probably have noticed that each design is actually made up of product that can purchased in the store. What clever designs.


Window SF 4


No, I didn’t get a chance to buy anything from the store.  Actually, I didn’t even get into the store. as it was at closing time. My treasure was on the outside of this store!

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10 thoughts on “Thursday Lingering Look at Louis Vuitton

    • They are hard most times to photograph. These were done just before 9pm. The one with the reflection, got missed because at 9 they turned off the back lights. I went back around 7pm the next day and it was too light out. Thanks for commenting.

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