Excuse me for a sec while I have a scratch!

Today is day 7 of  365 project and this has actually been a better idea than originally thought to be. If you have the urge to blog something, give it a try – doesn’t have to be photos…..

Red Squirrels are one of my daily favourites.   The past summer saw 3 baby reds and they were nothing short of a delight. At first the three chased each other silly from one end of the yard, up and down the trees, through the leaves endlessly.

Then one disappeared at about the same time as a fox was seen with something in his mouth heading over the fence.  Meanwhile, two of them would continue to play. As they grew, they began to be less playful, but continued to eat constantly at the feeder.

The reds are hard to photograph as they are small and don’t sit still very long unless they are eating. Strangely enough, I haven’t seen mama since the babes were born. She was always around.

Do you get wildlife in your yard?  All you need is a feeder and a picture window.


What are your thoughts?

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