Bluejay in Spring

Mr Bluejay is showing off his gorgeous feathers. The jays, in large numbers sometimes, stick around because of the feeder and the bird bath. You can always hear them coming because they have a sound like a squeaky hinge. They are also an easy target for photography because are a large bird.

The leaves of the oak tree are just coming out  at this time of spring. See the reddish tinge that they have when they are this small.  When in full bloom,  they will  be all green until fall when they  change again.

What is your favourite bird?


5 thoughts on “Bluejay in Spring

  1. Blue jays are not only beautiful; they have lots of personality and are fun to watch, but they do hog the suet feeder, landing on top of the suet holder and pecking out large chunks.

    • Thanks Jo Ann for being the first comment on my project 365. I looked up your website and you too live in a beautiful area. I will read some of your blogs as I go along. If you don’t mind I will add your site to my Blogroll.
      We actually have more of the hairy and downy woodpeckers that do that than the bluejays but I don’t mind because we also have the Northern Flickers here and they are ground feeders. They watch for the chunks. My biggest problem was with the squirrels knocking down the suet,getting it out of the cage and taking off into the woods with the whole thing! I have finally figured out how to stop them….

      • You can certainly add Wood and Field to your blogroll. Our squirrels, so far, haven’t been coming to the feeders. I think it’s because they are “country” squirrels – we just built our house in January 2012 and so the squirrels are not domesticated like those in a suburban or urban environment and prefer to eat “in the wild.” I’m sure that will eventually change with squirrels being as smart and resourceful as they are!

      • Actually we are in the country too and we only keep the suet going in the summer along with water because the bears and raccoons get into the feeders. The squirrels then go into the bush for food which they should do anyways especially if they have young.

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