Beiber comes to Orillia

Wow… our young Canadian superhero has finally made an appearance in Orillia.

Last weekend at the Orillia waterfront during the waterfront FUNFEST, ‘The Biebs’ could be seen hanging around one of the booths set up for this years extravaganza.

The best part though was that there were no linesup, or screaming teenagers trying to get next to himself for autographs or photos. Where did they all go?

As a matter of fact, we really couldn’t see too many people, but mind you the day was almost complete…..most had already ‘hit the trails’ so to speak or were walking their dogs along the shore.  That left our little Justin shooting the breeze by himself.

Full length renditions in terry, of our famous hit maker left much else to be desired at the remaining stands. One could really get really close up and personal should they choose to spend a few dollars.

And to the world, I am pleased to let you know that there were plenty of these cute little structures  placed at strategic locations around the park. Unfortunately most of our youth have never seen or used one.  Maybe a new course on old Canadian traditions could be set up our local college.


Yes we Canadians have it all!


What are your thoughts?

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